ChartMaxx for the Enterprise

“There are always going to be factors that don’t allow information exchange to be as electronic as we want, and one of the most exciting things about ChartMaxx and its Deep Search capabilities is that you’re looking for ways to not just capture a picture or an image of those documents, but figure out ways to get information from it.”
- Chief Innovation Officer/CIO

ChartMaxx is much more than a departmental solution. It is an enterprise solution. Empower your organization with:

  • ChartMaxx Deep Search capabilities to turn both structured and unstructured content into valuable information
  • ChartMaxx Intelligent Data Capture (IDC) to automate the capture, indexing, and processing of outside documents and content
  • Integrated view of clinical multimedia
ChartMaxx Deep Search is the solution.

The core capabilities of ChartMaxx Deep Search include:

  • Data Enrichment
  • Advanced Enterprise Search
  • Knowledge Discovery

Data Enrichment

  • Enrichment of data with other relevant indicators to enhance search results
  • Multiple data formats (text, image, video, audio) supported
  • Native view of files and other related files based on search criteria

Advanced Enterprise Search

  • Conceptual search unconstrained by keywords
  • Integration of data silos to empower robust searching
  • Personalization and knowledge management

Knowledge Discovery

  • Accelerate insight discovery to uncover trends, patterns, and relationships
  • Eliminate detailed report requests and hand off risks
  • Get holistic intelligence and reduce blind spots

Want to see ChartMaxx Deep Search? View a quick demonstration.

ChartMaxx Intelligent Data Capture (IDC)

The ChartMaxx Intelligent Data Capture (IDC) toolkit enables organizations to manage external documents and content throughout the healthcare enterprise. Any external content whether related to patient records or other business processing, is able to be managed and subsequently indexed, cataloged and routed for processing based upon your business rules. Increase visibility and productivity in managing your external documents that are critical to your organization’s business processing with ChartMaxx IDC.

ChartMaxx IDC enables organizations to capture, index, and route data and documents to the electronic record to achieve organizational and HIMSS Level 7 standards. Please read the article below to learn how one ChartMaxx customer employed ChartMaxx IDC as part of the journey to achieve HIMSS Level 7. Congratulations to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for being the first in Georgia to achieve Stage 7 on the HIMSS Analytics Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM).

First in Georgia: Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Gets Stage 7 Honors

Want to see ChartMaxx Intelligent Data Capture? View a quick demonstration.

ChartMaxx Enterprise Imaging

Does your organization struggle with having to provide physicians with access to the many systems that subspecialties employ for their diagnostic images?

Need a single point of access for the entire patient record?

ChartMaxx has partnered with Apollo Enterprise Imaging to offer one single integrated solution to acquire, store, view and share the entire clinical multimedia spectrum generated by all subspecialties across the healthcare enterprise. Bring the entire patient record together and drive improvements to patient care with this integrated solution.

Want to learn more about this valuable partnership? Read our Press Release.