What ChartMaxx® Customers Say

“By having ChartMaxx be in tandem with Epic, that’s where true power comes into play.” Jerry Mourey, VIP/CIO, Southern Illinois Health

“PIH selected ChartMaxx because of its user friendliness, the capability to be integrated seamlessly with our Allscripts EHR and its extreme functionality and ability for us to customize it to meet our workflow needs.” Lois Miller, Director, HIM, PHI Health

“ChartMaxx itself is a great application and has all the document management features that a facility needs.” Mayank Amin, System Analyst, Children’s of Alabama

Strong Epic EHR Support

"About two and a half years ago we went live with Epic. However, Epic does not have their own scanning solution, so we are continuing to use ChartMaxx to store scanned images. Another reason we keep ChartMaxx is the patient history is stored there. I recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have another option for an EMR. I highly recommend it to them as a document management and imaging solution and for nonmedical records as well."

—KLAS Survey Respondent

Advocate of ChartMaxx Cabinet, Drawers and Folders

"I really like ChartMaxx's cabinet storage and folder features. There is a separate section within ChartMaxx where anything users store on paper, in a cabinet, in a drawer, or in a folder can be set up virtually."

—KLAS Survey Respondent

Fantastic Repository

"ChartMaxx is a fantastic repository for an electronic health record, but it also has a functionality called Cabinets, Drawers and Folders that we have utilized in our business office, accounting department, and quality management department. We are able to store information that we need access to but that we also want to protect so only certain people can see it. We can scan things into the system and customize the user access, and then we know that the information is backed up, in an electronic format, and easily accessible. Cabinets, Drawers and Folders is a whole separate section not specific to health information that is linked to the ChartMaxx product. We have leveraged that tool the best we are able to, and will continue to use it as new items crop up and we need to save information electronically."

—KLAS Survey Respondent

Ease of Use

"I think ChartMaxx’s ease of use is its main selling point. The system can pretty much walk users through the appropriate steps. It is very intuitive, so users can figure out what they need to do. We use it to keep track of our deficiencies. The system assigns deficiencies automatically and has the ability to generate deficiency reminder letters. We use it as a release of information tool at various levels. The system has a tracking device in it to help with the accounting of disclosures, because we need that for patient requests. It automatically puts cover sheets into the record of things sent, and that is helpful because we can go back and know exactly what was sent to any one particular requester. We can generate invoices for release of information directly in the system, so we don’t need a separate piece of software for that. The tool is pretty all-encompassing."

—KLAS Survey Respondent

Increased Productivity

"ChartMaxx has enhanced quality for our organization by providing quick access to mission critical patient information to providers and hospital staff. HIM processes have been streamlined and made more efficient. Staff members no longer scurry around trying to locate records. Our time is now spent on more productive tasks."

—Eric Hoska, Director of Medical Records, Enloe Medical Center

"I Love ChartMaxx"

"In a single day, I completed 472 records in 10 hours. I sent 50 emails to residents regarding their charts and dictated 12 patient records. I could not have completed this amount of work in a single day with paper. I love the ChartMaxx system."

—Mary Jo McMullen, MD, FACEP, Akron General Medical Center

Better Care

"ChartMaxx helps make our Emergency Department care better by providing us with quick access to patient charts. This system provides the instant reliability, speed and accessibility to information I need. And the 24-hour convenience to log on and sign charts with ChartMaxx from anywhere is fantastic!"

—Philip Anderson, MD, Lourdes Hospital